Tackle Maternity Leave via Secretarial Recruitment Agencies in London

Becoming pregnant is a life changing event for everyone concerned. For women in the secretarial profession, it also means new challenges such as being able to go on leave and having a job to return to when they’re ready. Being hired by an employer that’s considerate enough to allow you the leave you need at no risk to your job may be possible, with secretarial recruitment agencies in London like RMS Recruitment helping find that suitable fit.


Eligible employees are allowed to take up to 1 years’ worth of maternity leave. Employers are required by law to allow expectant female employees to go on leave starting 11 weeks before the predicted birth date. In turn, employees are responsible for having a roadmap ready for their temporary departure, changeover of responsibility, and a return to action. The government’s launch of shared parental leaves in June 2015 also gives couples better flexibility on how they can address parenthood, especially if they’re first-timers.


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