Temp Recruitment Agencies in London Adopt Ergonomic Office Chairs

As one of the leading temp recruitment agencies in London, we at RMS Recruitment strive to maintain the quality of our services. One way we do this is by making sure that our employees stay productive, competent, and healthy. According to the British Occupational Health Research Foundation, 40 percent of the working population is affected by back pain and an approximate 50 million working days are lost annually due to such injuries. It also costs a total of about £5 billion in sickness absence every year, which amounts to £200 for every absent employee. On our part, we are adopting an ergonomic workplace by bringing in new office chairs.

Workers in the office like temps, PAs, and secretaries know just how critical a good office chair is to one’s wellbeing. Georgie, one of RMS Recruitment’s consultants, suffered from a bad back which caused great discomfort while working. We invested in a new office chair with advanced ergonomics for Georgie.


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