Speed Hiring Poised to Become a Key Trend for PA Recruitment in 2016

When recruiting for permanent, temporary or contractual candidates, speed of hire is often something that is overlooked. Hiring time is a vital element that has a major impact on the quality of candidates and corporate revenue. When it comes to PA recruitment in London, there is a huge amount of competition, and that means that the most sought-after candidates are frequently snapped up in less than ten days. When the hiring process exceeds this amount of time, the talent pool becomes depleted, as many of the highest-qualified candidates will have already accepted offers from other companies. Additionally, a longer hiring process impacts on productivity and revenue, particularly when the vacant position is for an important role such as PA or office support. As more organisations seek to improve their recruitment processes in order to secure the best candidates, speed hiring is set to become a key trend for 2016.


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