Tell RMS Recruitment Why You Love Your Secretarial Jobs in London

Secretaries in today’s companies have many responsibilities and are among the most important employees in the organisation. Skills required for such a position vary from the nature and industry of each company. As such, the only individuals suited to these jobs are those who are flexible, fast-learners and hard working.

As one of the leading secretarial recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment prides itself on having an eye for talent. Right now, we are on the hunt for an exceptional individual who will have the opportunity to be featured in a new video to promote the role of the secretary in companies today. We need only the best of the best, which is why we decided to hold a little competition.


Creating Job Descriptions with Selling Power–A Key Trend in 2016

Companies often find the process of recruiting for secretarial jobs in London a challenge. As businesses strive to attract the best candidates in a highly competitive economy, preparing an attractive job description is not always considered a priority. However, an inaccurate, out-of-date, or boring job description will seriously hamper any recruitment campaign, driving away candidates who were initially interested.

For those that do apply, companies could experience an increased turnover as the new employees discover that their role is nothing like the job they read about when applying. Creating a good job description is not just about being informative, as it is also a great opportunity to sell the job, thus attracting the highest-quality candidates.


Recruitment Agencies See Mobile-Based Services Taking London By Storm

With people becoming increasingly reliant on mobile web access for all facets of their lives, a growing number of individuals are applying for jobs using their smartphones. According to recent data, more than 50 percent of applicants used their phones to meet job application deadlines. With data suggesting that this number is set to grow, there are ways London-based businesses and candidates can use this trend to enhance the application process.

Job applications should be accessible from mobile phones

Many of the top recruitment agencies in London now recognise the need for their clients to make job applications accessible from mobile phones. As a ubiquitous item for fresh graduates and ambitious professionals, it’s carried everywhere and is used for real-time updates on business communications. By failing to make applications accessible from smartphones, clients may see an increase in their application drop off rate.


Top 2016 Trends in PA Jobs—Referrals Will Produce 50% of New Hires


Recruiting for PA jobs in London can be a challenging process. Companies strive to find the best candidate for the role, but in such a competitive economy, recruiters need to be savvy to succeed. Leading businesses like Google are now securing around fifty percent of their new hires via referrals. Benefits of referrals include increased speed of hire, less cost per hire and positive impact on diversity. With studies proving referral programmes commonly result in the best-quality candidates, highest volume hires and best retention rates, referrals are set to become a key trend in 2016.

Improve Diversity

Hiring via referrals makes candidates aware of the company’s desire to find the highest quality candidates. By also including a focus on diversity, it highlights the company’s commitment to this.


Speed Hiring Poised to Become a Key Trend for PA Recruitment in 2016

When recruiting for permanent, temporary or contractual candidates, speed of hire is often something that is overlooked. Hiring time is a vital element that has a major impact on the quality of candidates and corporate revenue. When it comes to PA recruitment in London, there is a huge amount of competition, and that means that the most sought-after candidates are frequently snapped up in less than ten days. When the hiring process exceeds this amount of time, the talent pool becomes depleted, as many of the highest-qualified candidates will have already accepted offers from other companies. Additionally, a longer hiring process impacts on productivity and revenue, particularly when the vacant position is for an important role such as PA or office support. As more organisations seek to improve their recruitment processes in order to secure the best candidates, speed hiring is set to become a key trend for 2016.


A Step-by-Step Guide in Moving to New PA Jobs early in the New Year

It is common at this time of year, particularly for young, bright people who are seeking to improve their standing in life, to consider their job and the potential for a new position in the future. Take a look at this effective step-by-step guide for those who are looking for PA jobs, or any particular kind of job, across London.

Step 1. First, you need to decide if a change in jobs will be beneficial for your long term career plan. You should consider how the duration of your current occupation will look on your CV. It is always wise to consult with your HR department to resolve any potential issues or see if there are any other internal opportunities.


Graduates Unsure of Their Career Path can be Aided by Temp Agencies

With graduate numbers increasing year on year, from 17 per cent in 1992 to 38 per cent in 2013, reports suggest that graduates are panicking over available jobs and making poor job decisions as a result. Many graduates take the first job offered, only finding that it later does not suit them. Thus, most of them find themselves moving from one job to another, or worse, withdrawing from multiple job offers at the last minute.

What graduates do not realise, however, is that their name will be remembered. This could be by a recruitment agency who put them forward for the position, or the employer themselves.