Selling Your Company and Job Positions with Top Recruitment Agencies

The market for top talent gets more and more competitive every day, which is forcing employers to do as much of the hard work as the candidate during the interview stage. You have to really sell your company and explain why they would want to work for you in order to hire and retain the best possible team and turn interviewees who are not suitable into PR agents for you.

Below are four tips top recruitment agencies recommend to ensure that you do this successfully.

What is your company’s culture?

Cultural fit is very important to candidates when deciding which company to work for, so explain your company culture to the candidate and tell them what makes your company unique compared to others.


Creating Job Descriptions with Selling Power–A Key Trend in 2016

Companies often find the process of recruiting for secretarial jobs in London a challenge. As businesses strive to attract the best candidates in a highly competitive economy, preparing an attractive job description is not always considered a priority. However, an inaccurate, out-of-date, or boring job description will seriously hamper any recruitment campaign, driving away candidates who were initially interested.

For those that do apply, companies could experience an increased turnover as the new employees discover that their role is nothing like the job they read about when applying. Creating a good job description is not just about being informative, as it is also a great opportunity to sell the job, thus attracting the highest-quality candidates.


Tips from Recruitment Agencies: Look Your Best during an Interview

A job interview can be considered as the final wall that separates you from your dream job. While job interviews certainly put an emphasis on one’s on-the-spot intellect and tact, you can never rule out the advantages of looking your best. This holds true whether you are attending an interview at either a potential employer’s office or an initial interview at one of the more trusted recruitment agencies in the West End or elsewhere in London.

To better understand this, you simply have to take note of how important a first impression is in all social interactions, including job interviews. In such a professional setting, your end goal is to subtly, but effectively, convey competence, neatness, professionalism, and attention to detail through your appearance. In addition, looking good can give you the confidence boost you need to answer any difficult questions interviewers may have lined up for you.