Gaming May Become an Important Route to Success with PA Jobs in London

Times are changing and it seems that some recruitment selection processes used are often very outdated, which means that some of the most enthusiastic and best qualified candidates slip through the net; this is often because they cannot relate to the outdated way that the interview is conducted.

There is a bright future for all those, who have a modern mind and with it comes the abolishment of guilt for the job seekers who spent all Christmas playing on their new games console. Deloitte have thrown themselves into the twenty-first century and have begun to interview and assess potential candidates by using gaming apps instead of the traditional and possibly outdated psychometric tests.


Tell RMS Recruitment Why You Love Your Secretarial Jobs in London

Secretaries in today’s companies have many responsibilities and are among the most important employees in the organisation. Skills required for such a position vary from the nature and industry of each company. As such, the only individuals suited to these jobs are those who are flexible, fast-learners and hard working.

As one of the leading secretarial recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment prides itself on having an eye for talent. Right now, we are on the hunt for an exceptional individual who will have the opportunity to be featured in a new video to promote the role of the secretary in companies today. We need only the best of the best, which is why we decided to hold a little competition.


A Step-by-Step Guide in Moving to New PA Jobs early in the New Year

It is common at this time of year, particularly for young, bright people who are seeking to improve their standing in life, to consider their job and the potential for a new position in the future. Take a look at this effective step-by-step guide for those who are looking for PA jobs, or any particular kind of job, across London.

Step 1. First, you need to decide if a change in jobs will be beneficial for your long term career plan. You should consider how the duration of your current occupation will look on your CV. It is always wise to consult with your HR department to resolve any potential issues or see if there are any other internal opportunities.


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The holidays are just around the corner but plenty of employers are still active in their search for the right candidates to fill vacant positions. Don’t miss out on employment opportunities during this time and stay connected with the RMS Recruitment, PA, Admin and Secretarial App. We are giving out £10 John Lewis vouchers to the first ten candidates to review our app.

Today’s technology now makes placements easier for candidates, employers and recruitment agencies alike. Mobile apps like the RMS App are now making the hiring process more convenient for job seekers of today. Candidates can receive notifications in real time about their prospect employers and dream jobs. This way, you would not miss an employment opportunity even if you are on vacation.


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Accept a new PA job this October using the new “RMS Recruitment – PA, Admin, Secretarial Jobs” app and have a chance to receive a £100 John Lewis voucher from us. Job processing in London should not only be speedy, but also accurate. With the new RMS recruitment app, the correct applicant will be matched with the right job, in less time than before.


Time Off and Weddings: What Applicants for London PA Jobs Should Know

RMS Recruitment loves to celebrate weddings. In fact, we’ve celebrated two staff weddings just this summer. So before we proceed discussing holiday entitlement and weddings, we would first like to congratulate our very own Natasha Webb, now Mrs. Natasha Greely and Laura Hayhurst-France, now Mrs. Laura Lennard. If you’re looking for PA jobs in London and are soon to be married, just as Natasha and Laura did, it pays to learn how to negotiate your holiday entitlement as a part your benefits package.

Throughout the EU, UK has one of the lowest holiday entitlements. Statutory holiday entitlement in UK is up to 28 days (5.6. weeks for a 5-day week), including Bank Holidays. According to a PR Newswire article, employers typically provide either 20 (minimum), 25, or 28 days annually, excluding Bank Holidays.


Agency Recruiting for PA Jobs in London Expands Through Mobile App

RMS Recruitment, an established recruitment agency which specialises in bespoke hiring for various PA jobs in London, is expanding its business through the launch of their new mobile app. The company’s focus has always been to match candidates with the right clients by understanding the specific needs of each. The launch of the mobile app named “RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs” is designed to help the agency better provide for their candidates through a more reliable and convenient channel.

The app’s launch further strengthens the business’s standing in a highly competitive market. As one of the top five secretarial recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment prioritises continuous development. The “RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs” app is a step which will enhance RMS Recruitment’s digital and online presence in an ever-evolving world focused on technological advancements.