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Hiring temps from temp recruitment agencies in London has many advantages. For instance, the hiring process involved for such employees is relatively fast. As a result, companies can easily fill in the gaps from employee absences, employees going on maternity leave, fluctuating workloads and high seasonal demand.

Hiring temps is also a good option if you are trying to find a replacement for a member of your staff who has not been replaced. Temps can easily transition to permanent status and can often be a more successful hire when the candidate has been tried and tested in the role instead of selected from an interview.


How Top Recruitment Agencies in London Address Skills Shortage Issues

Several new sources have recently reported on the skills shortage problem Britain is currently experiencing. According to the study, the skills mismatch in Britain has only become worse each year since 2012. In fact, on the Hays Global Index, Britain scored 9.7 out of 10 on talent mismatch, which they claim to be among the worst in Europe. As employees find it hard to get jobs and employers have a hard time looking for the talent they need, how can the nation overcome this issue in the coming years? Top recruitment agencies in London like RMS Recruitment have the answer.

Recruitment companies in London regularly compile a list of skills shortage based on their recent experience. According to the records, the skill requirements that are left unfulfilled the most include: languages, immediate availability, secretarial training, Executive Assistant (EA) skills rather than PA skills, industry experience, and clients asking for a degree qualification.


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Accept a new PA job this October using the new “RMS Recruitment – PA, Admin, Secretarial Jobs” app and have a chance to receive a £100 John Lewis voucher from us. Job processing in London should not only be speedy, but also accurate. With the new RMS recruitment app, the correct applicant will be matched with the right job, in less time than before.


Temp Recruitment Agencies in London Adopt Ergonomic Office Chairs

As one of the leading temp recruitment agencies in London, we at RMS Recruitment strive to maintain the quality of our services. One way we do this is by making sure that our employees stay productive, competent, and healthy. According to the British Occupational Health Research Foundation, 40 percent of the working population is affected by back pain and an approximate 50 million working days are lost annually due to such injuries. It also costs a total of about £5 billion in sickness absence every year, which amounts to £200 for every absent employee. On our part, we are adopting an ergonomic workplace by bringing in new office chairs.

Workers in the office like temps, PAs, and secretaries know just how critical a good office chair is to one’s wellbeing. Georgie, one of RMS Recruitment’s consultants, suffered from a bad back which caused great discomfort while working. We invested in a new office chair with advanced ergonomics for Georgie.


London PA Recruitment Firms Offer the Best Apps for Your Job-Hunt

Working as a personal assistant (PA) may be the opportunity that enables you to amass career experience and springboard yourself to higher corporate positions down the line. It can be even better when you’re assigned to be part of a major company’s senior staff. Securing such an opportunity is made easier by accessing job lists through a London PA recruitment agencies app like RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs.

Typical Features

Many recruitment apps for PA and secretarial jobs currently downloadable today have a number of features common among them. These include a list of open candidate positions, a calendar to guide you on your next interview, and ability to submit your CV. Most of all, they are available for all existing mobile platforms and operating systems.


Time Off and Weddings: What Applicants for London PA Jobs Should Know

RMS Recruitment loves to celebrate weddings. In fact, we’ve celebrated two staff weddings just this summer. So before we proceed discussing holiday entitlement and weddings, we would first like to congratulate our very own Natasha Webb, now Mrs. Natasha Greely and Laura Hayhurst-France, now Mrs. Laura Lennard. If you’re looking for PA jobs in London and are soon to be married, just as Natasha and Laura did, it pays to learn how to negotiate your holiday entitlement as a part your benefits package.

Throughout the EU, UK has one of the lowest holiday entitlements. Statutory holiday entitlement in UK is up to 28 days (5.6. weeks for a 5-day week), including Bank Holidays. According to a PR Newswire article, employers typically provide either 20 (minimum), 25, or 28 days annually, excluding Bank Holidays.


Agency Recruiting for PA Jobs in London Expands Through Mobile App

RMS Recruitment, an established recruitment agency which specialises in bespoke hiring for various PA jobs in London, is expanding its business through the launch of their new mobile app. The company’s focus has always been to match candidates with the right clients by understanding the specific needs of each. The launch of the mobile app named “RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs” is designed to help the agency better provide for their candidates through a more reliable and convenient channel.

The app’s launch further strengthens the business’s standing in a highly competitive market. As one of the top five secretarial recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment prioritises continuous development. The “RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs” app is a step which will enhance RMS Recruitment’s digital and online presence in an ever-evolving world focused on technological advancements.