Selling Your Company and Job Positions with Top Recruitment Agencies

The market for top talent gets more and more competitive every day, which is forcing employers to do as much of the hard work as the candidate during the interview stage. You have to really sell your company and explain why they would want to work for you in order to hire and retain the best possible team and turn interviewees who are not suitable into PR agents for you.

Below are four tips top recruitment agencies recommend to ensure that you do this successfully.

What is your company’s culture?

Cultural fit is very important to candidates when deciding which company to work for, so explain your company culture to the candidate and tell them what makes your company unique compared to others.


Top Recruitment Agencies See Matchmaking as a Potential Game Changer

The online job market already involves a high level of social networking that works by using talent and professional background to find jobs for job seekers as well as identifying talented candidates for employers. It is matchmaking on a professional level enabled by the growth of social media.

However the sheer volume of people reached, who may think their skills match an online job posting means that employers sometimes have an even harder task sifting through applicants to make that elusive match. In the online job world the number of applicants is limitless. So employers are finding the skills of top recruitment agencies ever more valuable.


Recruitment Agencies Reveal the Top Tips for Training New Employees

Inductions to new jobs are intimidating both for employees and their new employer. On one hand, the experience should be enjoyable, welcoming newbies in with kindness and understanding. On the other, however, employers need to design stream-lined ways of transmitting necessary information so that candidates can work successfully as soon as possible.

Some companies unfortunately struggle with this. In fact, an ineffective onboarding process has been identified as one of the top ten reasons an employee will quit their job. Each party has so much to give the other, so consider the factors below for an effective induction design and participation as advised by top recruitment agencies.


How Top Recruitment Agencies in London Address Skills Shortage Issues

Several new sources have recently reported on the skills shortage problem Britain is currently experiencing. According to the study, the skills mismatch in Britain has only become worse each year since 2012. In fact, on the Hays Global Index, Britain scored 9.7 out of 10 on talent mismatch, which they claim to be among the worst in Europe. As employees find it hard to get jobs and employers have a hard time looking for the talent they need, how can the nation overcome this issue in the coming years? Top recruitment agencies in London like RMS Recruitment have the answer.

Recruitment companies in London regularly compile a list of skills shortage based on their recent experience. According to the records, the skill requirements that are left unfulfilled the most include: languages, immediate availability, secretarial training, Executive Assistant (EA) skills rather than PA skills, industry experience, and clients asking for a degree qualification.


Top Recruitment Agencies are Back to Pre-Recession Staffing Levels

As the UK emerges from the recent recession, employment confidence is high again during the second quarter of 2015, according to The Glassdoor UK Employment Confidence Survey. With this positive news, we at RMS Recruitment, serving as one of the top recruitment agencies in London, would like to announce that our company is officially back to pre-recession staffing levels with new members joining the RMS Team. RMS Recruitment proudly welcomes Kathryn Blacker as a full-time consultant this summer.

Kathryn Blacker graduated from Leeds University with a 1st in Business Management and Marketing in the year 2013. Due to her keen interest in Sales and Marketing, she went on to become an Account Manager at a live video streaming agency. There, she thrived on working in a client-facing managerial role for accounts in music, fashion and publishing. After a while, Kathryn sought out job opportunities that offered team-oriented, friendly environments.



Some companies may have noticed that despite the huge number of people looking for jobs, applications remain low especially amongst the millennials or Generation Y. This can be problematic for a company for many different reasons: Generation Y, is the most-up-to-date generation in terms of technology use. They also possess information and skillsets that previous generations may not have had, and lastly, being the younger generation, they are the ones who are capable of working for longer years in a company.

First of all, it is important to understand that there is no shortage of demand for new jobs. So why then are there fewer applicants? The problem is not the company or the job description, but rather the process of hiring itself. Generation Y is also the generation of tech-savvy youths who use their smartphones more often than desktops, or laptops.


One of the Top Secretarial Recruitment Agencies Launches Mobile App

RMS Recruitment, one of the top secretarial recruitment agencies in London, launches a new mobile app called “RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs”. The new app is designed to benefit both candidates and clients with its various functions. Through the software, candidates can create a specialist candidate profile, secure real time alerts of relevant and suitable jobs, deliver availability directly to a RMS dedicated consultant, and gain access to the latest industry news on the company’s main website. Candidates can also apply and connect with RMS via their online profiles on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Personal Profiles.

The app is developed by KeyApps, winner of the best recruitment agency app at the Mobile Recruitment Awards in 2014 and 2015. KeyApps is the market leader in developing mobile apps for recruitment agencies. The app has been released earlier in July and will be available on main app stores such as iTunes, Windows, Google Play, and Amazon.