Gaming May Become an Important Route to Success with PA Jobs in London

Times are changing and it seems that some recruitment selection processes used are often very outdated, which means that some of the most enthusiastic and best qualified candidates slip through the net; this is often because they cannot relate to the outdated way that the interview is conducted.

There is a bright future for all those, who have a modern mind and with it comes the abolishment of guilt for the job seekers who spent all Christmas playing on their new games console. Deloitte have thrown themselves into the twenty-first century and have begun to interview and assess potential candidates by using gaming apps instead of the traditional and possibly outdated psychometric tests.


PA Recruitment Agencies Highlight the Importance of EQ for Success

While it’s true that having a high IQ can open doors to more opportunities and better jobs, this is not enough to achieve success. What people, especially those looking for a job, should work on is improving their emotional intelligence. In fact, most experts see that the majority of people who are at the top of their game tend to have higher emotional intelligence than other people.

Emotional Intelligence and IQ

Since the concept of emotional intelligence was first identified in 1995, it became an explanation behind a peculiar finding, wherein people having average IQs outperform those with superior IQs 70 per cent of the time. Emotional intelligence is something intangible, and it affects how a person manages his or her behaviour. This is also the factor that helps them navigate through social complexities and make personal decisions.